Reg. No. 6364


Thermal Comfort Assessments are computer simulations of the energy performance of the building fabric. They are used to predict heating and cooling requirements for dwellings. They are often done as part of a BASIX assessment. I use the Accurate software tool which has the most sophisticated library of construction types available.

  • Accredited assessor since 2000 with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors
    (ABSA Reg. # 20127)
  • Over 250 projects completed, ranging from single houses right through to very large apartment buildings 
  • Specialise in performing assessments for complex buildings and houses or where non-standard construction materials are to be used.
  • Specialise in detailed assessments that strive to achieve the best possible thermal performance . Detailed analysis can determine the most effective construction materials to use, predict actual temperatures within rooms and assess the need for air conditioning 
  • Ratings have been done for many prominent architectural firms including Caroline Pidcock Architects, Corben Architects, Smart Design Studio, Nordon Jago Architects, Architects Marshall, & Architects Snell.

Sample graph from analysis showing the predicted temperature range in a room over the whole year